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Friday, April 07, 2006

KVN with Chalakkudi and Krishnankutty Nair. .Palghat Mani Iyer sat with a ghanjira when he taught Raghu and there was also one Narayanan from Kollengode whom Mani Iyer taught the basics in vocal, who remained nearby. .Then Mani Iyer took the boy to the noted violinist Paappa Venkitaramayya with a request to teach Narayanan. Venkittaramayya said that he being a mere violinist did not know much about teaching vocal. Mani just wanted the boy to be taken around wherever Paappa went to accompany the great vidwans. When Mani felt that Narayanan has become weather- beaten, he was taken to Ariyakkudi. But the boy one day ran away from Iyengar’s house as he realised that he could not sing as vigorously as his mentor. He reached Wardha and dcided to remain there. But Gandhiji stumbled upon him one day and asked how he happened to be there. Then Mahatma advised him to go back to his Guru and do service through the chosen profession of his. One morning when Ariyakkudi opened the front-door of his there was Narayanan in a bewildered state. The guru asked sishya not to repeat the running away any more. Narayanan stayed on.


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