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Friday, April 07, 2006

-T.R.Mahalingam ailas Maali performing at Kerala Fine Arts hall, with T.Rukmini and Madhurai Krishna Iyengar. Maali had always a passion for the game of cards and had the gall in cancelling a concert if he found the playing session too absorbing. He was also fond of cricket and in his native place, namely, Tiruvidamaruthoor, as a child, he used to play the game. There were many Nagaswaram players and Bhatathanatyam Nattuvanars around his house, where daily lessons were taken in Pipe music and dance. Eye-witnesses say that Maali used to reproduce on his flute at night whatever he had picked up by way of music when he played cricket during the day


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When i listened to Mali for the first time in Tripunithura, i was impressed by the mammouth crowd of the fifties, and his antics. I vividly remember Mali offering some kind of beverage to SVS.Narayanan with the mridangam and he politely refusing it.TK.Moorthy with the ghatom gleefully accepted it.Mali was addicted to card playing and thus turned up at the venue late. Organisers kept quiet lest he should cancel the programme.

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