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Saturday, April 08, 2006

GNB, a disciple of violinist Madurai Subrahmania Iyer, never missed an opportunity in listening to Ariyakkudi or Tiruvaaduthurai Rajarathnam Pillai, who is deemed unrivalled in the realm of Nagaswaram. He is with Chowdiah and Mani Iyer. Mysore Vasuvevachar once with a new composition approached Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar who had the gift of make a krithi click thro' his concerts.Iyengar told the other he can show a person who would make krithi popular with just one rendering. Who was he.G.n.Balasubrahmaniam B.A.(Hons) Thus 'Broche Vaa' was made monumental by the doyen in Music Academi,flanked by Palani(mridangam) and Chowdiah bowing his special violin.


Blogger kodungallur said...

dear Jayaraman Sir

This is a great work. Before this I have not seen a picture grear divine Mundaya Rama Bhagavathar. There are some photos of Venkitakrishana Bhagavathar. I Live at Thrikkakkara.

Is that first photo, that of Madurai Subramanya Iyer? There is a very little on this great Guru of GNB.Even " The Garlands" do not mention about Madurai Subramanya iYer.

Thank you for the photo feast.

Sivaprasad K

12:00 AM  
Blogger jayan said...

ERNAKULAM Balasubrahmaniam or Mani Bhagavathar adored GNB and lost no opportunity in hobnobbing with whenever the latter happened to be in Cochin. Mani wanted to join College of Crnatic Music in Chennai which had Musiri Subrahmania Iyer at its helm. Mani told GNB about this and the latter said Musiri would not pay heed to such requests.Pointing at the next house, he said if the man there says anything to any musician he will obey it. Go and meet him on the morrow and sing something in his presnce.Next day Mani entered the gate. Chembai resting there told him no singing.Go and meet Musiri.Mani did so and got admission without any hitch.

1:11 AM  
Blogger sivaprasad said...

dear Jayaraman sir

Any more photos?

2:01 AM  

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